Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ho, Ho, Aaaaargh!

Here's what I'm working on today. It's a Christmas paper automata for the Hoops and Yoyo site and I'm wondering if I can get it done before the big day! The record player spins beautifully and Santa's legs are ready to dangle. But I still need a dancing Hoops and Yoyo in there. And a gyrating Piddles would be nice, too. (Gee, I didn't anticipate typing a sentence like THAT when I woke up this morning!)


Anonymous said...

i like mr. adair he makes some really cool stuff down to da hallmark. that is when he is not out huntin an fishin in the woooooods by his house.

Chris H said...

Heya, Mike!

Nice blog there! I will read it every day. I will love it and hug it and call it George.

Man, that mechanical whirly dancing gizmo you're making looks great. I will come ask to see it. I will bring cookies if that will help.