Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween '07

Well, the force was with us last night as we gave the neighborhood a major candy shake-down.


Blammo said...

Great costumes!
Will you keep the hair Mike?


Mike Adair said...

Well, let me tell ya...
It was a little chilly Halloween night in Kansas and I didn't have to wear a coat thanks to the hair. And it freaked my 10 year old when she saw me brushing it. So with the warmth and the freak out factor, I'm keepin' it!
Do you guys do Halloween up there?

Blammo said...

We had a strangely dry and warm evening.
My son is 3 and this was his first Halloween appreciating the night.
Last year I had to carry him after 2 houses.
A good night was had by all!


Carl @ Oglio said...

Wow! Mike you are so creative. Puts my store bought costume to shame. :-)

Mike Adair said...

Thanks Carl! I tell ya, there's no more manlier outing than taking your son to the fabric store!