Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Illustration for Another Spot


Fr Watson SSP said...

Very Cool Mike; kind of a super mecho-roach :) Reminds me somehow of "Raid!!!!"

Mike Adair said...

Thanks, Pastor! Yes, I can see the resemblance. I must have been channeling Mr. Davis unknowingly! I love those commercials. Killing pests was never so funny!

Crystal Liechty said...

Hey, Mike, I found your David's New Snail video through Stumble Upon and it's one of my favorite things (being the mommy of a little boy, myself). I was wondering if/how someone could by the toys you've designed. I've been looking all over the internet to no avail...

Mike Adair said...

Hey Crystal,
I'm so glad you like our little short. David loves to hear when he has a new fan!
And I'm glad you like the toys. The ones seen on my site were done a while ago and are pretty much onesies. When the kids came, time went (as you know) so not much has come out of the workshop lately.
I'd like to eventually create some paper toys available for download.
I did a Hoops and Yoyo Christmas paper toy and it was really fun.
So stay tuned!
Thanks, Mike