Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Linework is Done!


Jeff's Place said...

Yet another fabulous insight into comic drawing.
My guess is that you do all of it yourself, line, color, shading...

My daughter has been drawing, "kid drawings" and I showed her your site. Now she knows what it takes to make a true piece of comic art!!!
I keep trying to get her to understand that you start out in pencil and refine it then use ink to finish then erase the pencil. She can't get past the "But I want to make it perfect first" ... with ink!

Great stuff as always!!!

Mike Adair said...

Thanks Jeff!
Yeah, sometimes that's a hard concept to impart to kids. When I talk to school kids I tell them the initial layout drawing isn't very good but it's very important. It's kind of the road map to your destination.