Friday, October 31, 2008

Annual Halloween Clip

I never let Halloween go by without listening to this old favorite. I wonder if this inspired The Ghost and Mr. Chicken?

Happy Halloween!


Edwound Wisent said...

(^ that was nice of you. thanks for background sound to work to today: day of the dead gives me time to hat tip to old ancestral long gonners who keep me abreast with the past.

Mike Adair said...

I forgot that was today! Glad that could get you in the mood.

stayathomemyheart said...

I just read this part of a comment you left over on the Stand to Reason blog:

"I am thrilled we reached this landmark as a country - the first African American President. Isn't it just a little ironic (and horrific) that millions of future Americans will never learn of it?"

Brilliantly stated!

I'm wondering if I have permission to quote you and use your words profusely?

Mike Adair said...

Hey stayathomemyheart,
By all means!
The idea struck me today as I was thinking through yesterday's events. The triumph of African Americans seems a little hollow when so many Americans are daily oppressed and disposed of because they are deemed sub-human.
I wish it wasn't so.

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ note to reason. "united" does not mean "homogeneous" and yet what makes barak interesting to Me is that he's WHITE.
(^ as white and moreso by ythe degree of family raising etc.. YET STILL SEEMS TO HAVE A SOUL.
very rare, that.

(^ I spent 2 years living in Kinshasa Congo as a child.
(^ does this make ME an african american?

(^ I was raised by a radical activist minister who hung out with martin luther king, i remember Jesse Jackson stopping by our house when he was running for this same office.

(^ and yet this is the deal for me.
Obama isn't ANYTHING LIKE a white/black/democratic republican with religious zelot panderings.

(^ he seems.. well. humane.
(^ my best observation was that he dropped the Jimmy Carter smile AS HE BECAME THE ELECT. and didn't wait to doff the aw shucks ma'm jive till 3 years in.

(^ he just went BAM! . no more foolin' around. smile drop. serious . no more playing.
yes. we can work through problems. and then he starts naming off all these folks to look "up to"..
every one of them shot dead.
know: THAT's the scary part.

Obama has signed on to a near deathwatch without flinching.
and say's his kids might get to have a puppy out of the deal.
cripes that's ballsey.

hope he has better personal security than some others have had:
would be a shame to see him martyred .

Mike Adair said...

God forbid any harm would come to any president. Our peaceful "changing of the guard" is envied.

I have to disagree, though. I don't believe Obama is humane. On the issue of abortion he makes most liberals look like Sunday school teachers.

In my book you can't advocate the killing of babies from conception to fully born and earn the title "humane". At that point the word doesn't mean anything.