Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Opposites Attract

And am I happy for that!


Fr Watson SSP said...

Laura's jack-o-lantern looks much like the kind I carve--happy and festive; yours on the otherhand Mike, looks twisted and un-balanced (hmmm? ah yes, now I understand) :)
Your pumpkin carving reminds me of the way Bill Waterson would have Calvin sculpt snowmen!

Mike Adair said...

Ha! I think you nailed it!
But we all have an inner pumpkin. Some of us just have no self-editing feature and it shows.

USC Student said...

Hey this isn't related to your post or whatever but I was stumbling and found your site; I have to say, your toys are ADORABLE. They're so simple, which is the beauty of it.. it makes them so attractive and is rather nostalgic. Using wood as a tool is great, it gives it a very old-fashioned touch, which is a relieving break from all the metal and wired electricity and plastic of today. But yeah.. just wanted to say I love your toys!! Good luck with everything.

Mike Adair said...

Hey thanks!!
You made my day!