Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pee Wee as Iron Man

Spot for an article on getting those pesky bugs off your back!


jriggity said...

This is such a fun Blog to visit!

Big smiles when I see your fun artwork.


Mike Adair said...

Thanks Justin - and right back attcha, man!

Fr Watson SSP said...

What I love most is your altertness (for us 1960s comic book geeks) in using the old Marvel title "Tales of Suspense" which of course was the book that said "iron-type-man" shared with the "captain-type-america" costumed character. I dunno know though, I almost like your draft better than the finished version.

Mike Adair said...

Thanks Pastor! Yeah, the initial direction was to go closer to that original cover with the iron Iron Man suit which would have read faster. But then it went more to a blend between the old cover and the new suit.

I'm just glad that I live in a day when the Zip-a-tone look can be achieved for free!

Our car is in the shop but I'm hoping to see you Thursday!!!! That '92 Accord is showing it's age, I'm afraid.