Sunday, May 3, 2009

One Tuckered-Out Puppy

Didn't bring the camera - so no pic. But we have on our hands one very tired dog after an outing to the off-leash area at Shawnee Mission Lake. We were a little worried that she'd freak out and bolt. But thankfully Ginger checked in with us once in a while and then would become an orange and white blur, darting from dog to dog, and owner to owner. She didn't quite go swimming but waded in a bit which was helpful in cleaning off the mud she had accumulated the last couple of days. We'll definitely be going back.


emmyymme said...

Nice! My pup would be long gone if he were allowed off leash - glad Ginger had such a good time :)

Mike Adair said...

It was nice! We really weren't sure what would happen. Before Ginger there was Josie (another Brittany) and she did bolt. It wasn't pretty.

The Brittany bolt curse is lifted! Yay!

jriggity said... dogs always loved swimming{ Labs} ....they LOVED going to any park with a lake.

So fun.


Mike Adair said...

That's so funny - there was a definite dividing line - in the water - labs! Everyone else was on dry land watching.

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ "go fetch th'shtick!..
there y'go, booy.. .
((human :tosses bundled up can of gummyworms, spam, and bone marrow duct taped with bubblewrap it to make a floaty ball of it to the deep end of the pool:

(^.. the blob of improvised blob
(^ dollops into the pond like a fisherman's bob.
"bloINK!... camera just past it.
shows the package try to sink but bobs to the surface... slowly.

(^ lab bounces all happy yappy in full plunger leap mode to get the thing..

losts of shloshing.. panting.. gets to the meat of it.. jaws wide..

crunhPO! popopopop! ( bubblewrap starts losing air.. lap startled yelps and lets loose the ball.caught on one fang.. neck whips around.. "ball" goes airborne.. back towards where the humans stand appauled. all woopsfaced

(^ .. (^.. hmnnn.
I uhmmm.. I think that orange monkeyface got my mind blurring.
:goes back to contraption fiddling: