Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Very Tardy Thanks... everyone who made it out to the Hallmark booth at Comic Con to meet Hoops and Yoyo! Bob and I had a great time meeting you, people watching and doing the chain-gang shuffle as we navigated the fire-code-bending convention floor! Hope to get out there next year!


Jeff Rhoads said...

Mile, if I had known you were comming out to sunny CA I would have gone down to SD to see you... next time say something BEFORE you go to Comic Con, please.

Mike Adair said...

Hey Jeff! How are you!
My skin went clammy when I saw your post as I COMPLETELY forgot to respond to an email you sent me.
Many apologies.
And apologies for not giving you the heads up on our San Diego visit. Next time (and I hope there'll be one) I'll let you know.
Be great to meet you in person.