Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PW in the can!

Really am glad this one's done. I'm going to bed.


jriggity said...




Kelvin Kao said...

Wow, that PeeWee is a nightmare! :-D

Mike Adair said...

Thanks guys.
Only PW could strike such fear in the subconscious.

Rogueevolent said...

I love the old-fashioned radio (or is that a two-way intercom?) that General Pee Wee has on his desk! All of his decrees reminds me of the Woody Allen movie "Banannas" where the revolutionary who grabs control of the cuba-like nation, issues his first official decree: 1)all underwear must be worn on the outside.
Pee Wee Landia rules!

Mike Adair said...

Ha! Yeah, the old 60's intercom. Not quite as ancient as the Flintstone model (which I prefer) but still big and bulky.

Man, I gotta rent Bananas! It's been a long time since I've seen it. Underwear on the outside sounds in line with the Harris administration.

rohoayati said...
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