Friday, March 26, 2010

Great Time Was Had by All!

A high point on our trip was our visit with Kevin Hurley and the rest of the staff at the Boy's Life studio! Great time, great folks! We even were sent home with a parting gift - the big Pee Wee cut-out! I was lucky enough to have it in my studio for a couple of days before Becca put it in her room.


rogue evolent said...

Great pics! Super glad that you and the family had a good time. I love stopping at local eateries/burger joints/et al ...especially with names like the Ku Ku.
Becca's lucky..I love that cut-out.

Mike Adair said...

Thanks r/e!
I think the Ku Ku staff (I mean that affectionately) were glad we walked in considering the weather.
I would recommend it if anyone is in the Miami, KS area!
And I will get PW back! Like a moth to the flame, that room will regress back into a mess.