Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Need a Huggie?

So I'm setting to design the class B shirt for our pack. I wanted to run a test of the quality of shirt you can get from Dashed off this design and ordered a couple of shirts for my daughters. If you find yourself in need of a huggie, the store is open.


Shelley Noble said...

That's Adair-a-ble!!! you are such a great illustrator!

Mike Adair said...

Oh my goodness, Shelley, I want that to be the name of my store, now!
You are so nice.
Hope you are well.

rogue evolent said...

I love the porcupine (that's what he is right?)... so hugable and squeezable :)
p.s. My favorite Walt Kelly Pogo character is, naturally, Porkypine

Lee said...

Hey Mike. Great stuff on here, been having fun looking through all your work.

Keep it up

Anonymous said...

My shirt!!! HUGGIE!!!!

Mike Adair said...

Thanks guys!
r/e - yup it's a simplified, distilled down version of a porcupine. And I also like Porkypine from Pogo! I remember really thick eye brows. Think that was him.

Thanks Lee! Appreciate the nice comment.

And you're welcome Ilene. You wear it well!!!