Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Latest PW


Kelvin Kao said...

Haha. You know, the gun that appeared in the first act must fire off in the third act. Likewise, I was thinking that the treehouse introduced in the second panel must come down in the last one.

Luckily, PeeWee thought of a way to prevent that from happening. =D

Mike Adair said...

Thanks Kelvin!
I've always heard that rule. Does that come from E. A. Poe as a rule for short stories? Just remember hearing that assoc. with him.
Yeah, PW seems like the kind of guy that would build a boat in his basement - like me.

rogue evolent said...

Well of COURSE the PW cartoon strip is great... they always are...they're ADAIR-IAN masterpieces. But what I find interesting...is that Pee Wee's Father (that is his Dad sticking his head into PW's room in the final panel right?) bears a striking resemblance to the strip's artist/writer/genius.
Mike, you've now done your own Alfred Hitchcock cameo :)

Mike Adair said...

Thanks r/e, and great minds think alike - Becca said the same thing to me when she saw the dad. In all fairness I should draw him like Pee Wee's true father, Percy Keese Fitzhugh.

You, as usual, are too kind.

jriggity said...

love the last panel!


Mike Adair said...

Thanks Justin!