Friday, January 7, 2011

Salt and Light Cards!

The wait is over! My very good and talented friend, Carl Moore, has launched his very own card line! 

He has unleashed his considerable card-crafting experience, his good-natured sense of humor and his steadfast faith and has created the Salt and Light Card Company. His first offering is a departure from your average, run of the paper mill, humorous greeting cards on the market because his are actually funny.

And if you like eye candy with your order you won't be disappointed. I count Carl in my top 5 artist I would surgically swap brains with. The guy not only can draw anything he can draw anything really well!

They are available at a few outlets right now but expect that number to grow. If your Christian humor card store manager doesn't carry Salt and Light cards, grab him by the lapel, give him a good shaking and ask him why not!

 Way to go Carl!


Shelley Noble said...

Looks fab!

Charlotte said...

Mike, I received one of these cards for my b-day so I know how cool they are!

And thanks so much for my time spent with you, Laura and Ilene, David and Becca (I think that's right) and your highly sensitive canine :-). I had so much fun and I love your Myth of Sisyphus toy -- Albert Camus would have loved it, too!

Love your sites. I am going to amuse myself. Ciaou for now!

Mike Adair said...

Hey Shelley, they really are!

Hi Charlotte, it was so nice meeting you and I'm glad you all could come over for the last night of the year. Hope the Moores let you sleep in! I know I did.

Oh, and Shelley, I have the nicest thank-you note for you just sitting on my desk. Why am I like that?