Monday, September 19, 2011

A Spot for New Game: Pee Wee's Nightmare


rogue evolent said...

Love it! The detailed wood gran on the bed's foot board, Pee Wee's right hand moving (with movement lines), his bare feet... classic tension builders and Interest Makers. Cool.

rogue evolent said...

The very fact that Pedro's tail is holding the book makes it a laugh-out loud spot. But it's also the gleeful Penguin laughing uproariously that cinches this a another GREAT ADARIAN masterpiece. And I don't even like penguins anymore. KUDOS

Mike Adair said...

Thanks r/e! You are too kind. I know about the penguins. Whenever I even think of Happy Feet I have to quickly pop in Surf's Up.

The PW spot is for an upcoming game on Boys' I was trying to sketch it out while sharing my desk with my son who was trying to play the beta version of the game. Weird!