Saturday, November 12, 2011

Burro v/s Machine


bookman187 said...


I saw the Hoops, YoYo, and Peddle's Christmas Special and liked it. I was happy to see they gave you both the credit for creating the characters, that you all wrote the show and did the voices. Sometimes corporations are not that willing to do that. The ol' "anything you create while working here for a paycheck belongs to us and we get full credit."

Hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving.

Take care and watch out for the shopaholics that are out in force this time of year. Sometimes I go to Mall and just watch the fun - fun because I'm not involved in the craziness.


Mike Adair said...

Hey Ray, thanks a bunch man! Glad you liked it. We had an excellent Thanksgiving and hope you did as well. My mom and dad were here for a week and we had a blast. Just a nice time enjoying each other's company and eating way to much food.

I'm with you on the shopping. I don't see any problem paying full price (or not buying at all) to stay home!

Take care,

jriggity said...