Monday, February 12, 2007

David's Got A Date!

So we're helping the kids make their Valentine boxes for school. Ilene's making a fancy, purple purse and David wants a car. We got the body of the car pretty much figured out. We noticed Rachael Ray on the Triscuit box and decided to put her in the passenger seat. Pretty sweet date for a six year old.


nadine said...

Perhaps David could go on the show and get Rachel to make his favourite recipe...
I was culling my work email yesterday and came across an old email where I had sent the link to David's New Snail to myself at home. I don't remember how I first came across your gem of a story, but I must have watched it 50 times since 2:00pm yesterday. I crack up everytime. I think this short could be the answer to the world's problems. Who can be hateful when they have tears of laughter rolling down their face?
More David stories!

Mike Adair said...

Ah, you're sweet! I have another audio already to go but just haven't found the time to animate it. Note to self: make device that stops time. Thanks again!