Monday, January 25, 2010

April Pee Wee


Kelvin Kao said...

I feel like this is the first strip in which Pee Wee did not get the last laugh, hehe.

rogue evolent said...

Great strip per normal.
But, wasn't it Warner Oland in "Charlie Chan and the Mystery of the Felonious Fleas of Friesland" who uttered that last quote about the small package? :)

Mike Adair said...

I think you're right, Kelvin. Westy usually ends up on the short end.

And LOL, r/e. You may be right but Ben may antedate Charlie. Might be an interesting buddy strip there! Charlie and Ben - the next Frank and Ernest!

Or maybe they just solve crimes with the help of their "stoolie", Benedict Arnold.

rogue evolent said...

LOL!! Okay Okay...I truly can't compete with a Professional funny guy :)
get back to work... you can't be wasting all your time (like me) haunting cyber space like a cold

Mykal said...

Mike: Nice work. I love the expressons. Cool Franklin quote. -- Mykal

Mike Adair said...

Thanks Mykal! I really liked it when I read it. Hadn't heard that one before but it's really true. I find that I am a small bundle at times.