Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hoops and Yoyo Paper Toy

A little more updated video of the Christmas toy.


rogue evolent said...

The cool thing about the way Hoops & Yo Yo dance (here, and on the animated videos) is that it's so retro-cocktail party-ish; circa 1961 - - as if they're dancing to Esquival or the Rat Pack :)
I love Saint Nick's boots in the chimney and little Piddles poking/peeking out of the chest.

Kelvin Kao said...

Wow, this is actually rather intricate!

Mike Adair said...

Thanks guys!
That's so funny, r/e, I considered putting some Esquival Christmas music to it but didn't want to infringe - youtube is a bit touchy.

jriggity said...

so cool man!!

an art unto itself.


Mike Adair said...

Thanks Justin! I'm thinking of doing one for Valentine's Day. Maybe a love machine!

Matt said...

HaHaHa!!! This is great, Mike! Looks expensive to make... how'd you get it past Hallmark's approval committee?



Mike Adair said...

Hey Matt,

Without getting myself into trouble let me just say I think this type of thing remains off the main radar sweep. It just had to pass my standards meaning - it just has to work!

Take care,

KW said...

ha ha! the santa trapped in the chimney is a nice touch!