Monday, March 21, 2011

Spot for the Next Hitching Post with Pedro


rogue evolent said...

okay, cause I always praise your stuff, some might think I'm a "toady" but... this simply HAS TO BE YOUR GREATEST PEDRO YET!! and I'm no longer much of a Star Wars fan.
This is so beautiful it needs to be made available as a poster for sale! How do we petition Boy's Life for a copy; or can you start selling them? You'll make a fortune!
r/e (croak)

Mike Adair said...

Thanks so much r/e! My sone is big into Star Wars and we HAD to watch it again for, ahem, research. I will watch just about any movie good or bad at the drop of a hat (or a freelance job).

jriggity said...


always so fun to come to your blog.


Mike Adair said...

Thanks Justin! Likewise!