Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spot for the Next Hitching Post with Pedro


rogue evolent said...

The frustration on Pedro's face is perfectly done (the sweat flying!) and I like the goofy-bent sword...BUT what makes this GREAT are the two adorable Pawns in the front chortling in glee at his donkey clumsiness. BRILLIANT!

Mike Adair said...

Thanks r/e! You always make my day.
Someone once told me that those sweat beads are called "Ploods"? I don't remember if that's correct. But just the idea that there's an official term for them makes me laugh anyway.

jriggity said...

yeah man...the pawns and other pieces look just as cool as the donkey!


Mike Adair said...

Thanks Justin!
It was a fun one to do.

Dustin Ward said...

Hey mike!
i want to illustrate a book and was wondering what program u use for yours??

Mike Adair said...

Hi Dustin,
I use tracing paper and prismacolor pencils for the drawing, Adobe Illustrator (using the pen tool) for the line work and Adobe Photoshop for coloring.

Good luck doing your book!!