Friday, April 29, 2011

Some After Shots of The Kid's Bathroom

Here are a few shots of the kid's bathroom after much stripping, scraping, sanding, coughing, painting and praying. The only thing left is the tile floor which we decided to have professionally installed. Just a hint if you are planning on having a tile floor installed from The Home Depot. The job title, "Flooring Expeditor" isn't very accurate. We did, however, deal with a totally awesome Flooring Specialist named DJ at the store at 95th and Metcalf. Very helpful and actually did, in fact, expedite things very nicely. Kind of wish he also was the Tile Installer because that has yet to be done.


Shelley Noble said...

Nice work. Nice family!

Mike Adair said...

Thanks Shelley! Kids will be glad when the toilet goes back in. The coffee can is getting full.

jriggity said...


looks great man....shels redoing our kitchen right now...Lots of work.


Mike Adair said...

With her energy you guys'll be done by this time tomorrow!

rogue evolent said...

Man're like Bob Villa and all those guys on THIS OLD HOUSE put together.
You busy this Saturday? My deck needs an update (Tim says he'll pay :)

Mike Adair said...

Hey r/e,
I will do your decks because I know you'd pay me in beer and cool monster comics! But if you saw my deck you'd think twice. While the lawn is returning to "barefoot" status, the deck is not.