Friday, June 3, 2011


These guys showed up on my son's shirt in the Disney photos below so I thought I'd post a better look. This was a character I came up with many years ago and had the opportunity to revisit him recently.


rogue evolent said...

What a fun concept for all boys ages 5-12 or so, eh?
Can't believe Cartoon Network or Nick wouldn't give you a ton of cash for this idea!

Mike Adair said...

Oh yeah, David and i had fun fleshing out all the mucousy fun we could have with this. He was more than just a little on board!

And it looks like I'm having my own blog problems as I published your first comment, r/e, and it's not showing up.

I will keep the driveway clear for the truck of cash to back up into.

Sorry to end with a preposition.

jriggity said...


I am sure kids all over would love that series.


Mike Adair said...

Thanks man!!