Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thanks Walt!

We had a great time at your place!
See ya real soon!


rogue evolent said...

Love the pics Mike! Looks like you all had a fair time, no?
Love David's "mothman" shirt as my boy Timothy (get it, Ti - "Moth" - y) has used Mothman as a nickname off and on :)

Mike Adair said...

Oh yeah, r/e, it was a blast! The kids are just at the right age to enjoy it all and there was no dead weight.

I forgot Tim's nickname! Love it.

Actually, David is wearing a birthday present I had made for him featuring my own Snotman and Boogerboy the Boy Booger.

Do I know my audience or what?

rogue evolent said...

ahhh, boy am I embarassed...yeah, it does say Snotman and not mothman (gotta get my eyes checked :( ) Still, a groovy shirt of a neat concept (makes me think of Ed Roth's Rat Fink)