Friday, April 29, 2011

Some After Shots of The Kid's Bathroom

Here are a few shots of the kid's bathroom after much stripping, scraping, sanding, coughing, painting and praying. The only thing left is the tile floor which we decided to have professionally installed. Just a hint if you are planning on having a tile floor installed from The Home Depot. The job title, "Flooring Expeditor" isn't very accurate. We did, however, deal with a totally awesome Flooring Specialist named DJ at the store at 95th and Metcalf. Very helpful and actually did, in fact, expedite things very nicely. Kind of wish he also was the Tile Installer because that has yet to be done.

The Longboard

The current issue of Make Magazine has a nice little tutorial on making your own, simple longboard. At 8" by 4' it's a smooth, easy ride. I ordered the wheels and trucks from Amazon and didn't notice I bought the "Bigfoot" brand which are about twice the size of regular wheels. Because of the wheel size the board looks like a regular skateboard enlarged on the Xerox about 150%! I threw my daughter in there for scale. Anyway, the polyurethane is now dry and the weather is fine. I imagine once school's done there will be surfing in the streets!