Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas to the Count, Frankenberry and Boo Berry!

"Tip of the hat" to r/e at The Roads of Autumn Dusk for putting these characters back in my head!


rogue evolent said...

Where O Where (can my doggie be; but that's beside the point) DID YOU GET THOSE AWESOME CAPS ????
Now your kids are the absolutely coolest kids in the world...okay, they were that way before the hats, but now they're the coolest kids who are dressed the neatest.
My blackened heart has turned green.

Mike Adair said...

They are cool!
Way back when on tRoad you were talking about these characters and it sent me on a wild Google chase to see where they might pop up. These are NASCAR hats of all things.

The downside (which has left my heart green as well) is that they only have youth sizes! Can you believe that? Not only can't I have one but it has called attention to the fact that my noggin is large even for an adult.

Thanks for nothing NASCAR.

Except for making my kids happy. But that's it!

rogue evolent said...

Your noggin is only Large cause Scientists and High School Chemistry teachers inform us that CREATIVITY takes up far more space than ordinary-ness.