Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A new PW


rogue evolent said...

Great "pay-off" gag, Mike.
Plus, good use of ergonoics and proper physics! (no mere Rube Goldberg rip-off here, but honest to goodness "science of levers") Though when Westy finds out, he's apt to say Leav(er) me alone PW

Mike Adair said...

Thanks r/e! David immediately challenged the notion that Westy could lift his chums but that's the beauty of cartoonland I explained unto him.

I could die happy if I could live in a Rube Goldberg house! I'd have to invest in a lot of twine, candles, dogs, canon balls...

jriggity said...

I lift my daughter like that all the time...she gets bigger I get stronger.. ha!

great stuff!


Mike Adair said...

Thanks Justin! That's a great workout program!

I took my son to a Star Wars concert tonight and I put him on my shoulders so he could see some items on display over the crowd. Man! Been a while since I've done that!