Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa Toy

Forgot you can embed these things directly.


Warren Ludwig said...

Terrific to see you makin' your toys again, Mike. Love this!

Can I have it?


Mike Adair said...

Warren, I would love to make you one! Just because you're my toy soul brotha!

If I could only cheat time. That should be the next project.

Warren Ludwig said...

Oh, Man...ain't it truth!! Please know that I was just jesting when begging for your Santa Toy. (Though I would cherish anything you made like that! I'm your biggest automata fan, and you know it!)

Maybe we could work a trade some day...I'd have fun workin' on a sculpt for ya sometime. Ah...there's that "time" issue again.

Happy Holidays, Mike!

Millertoons said...

Is there nothing you can't do?!? So awesome! Have a happy and healthy holiday and hope to get some new books soon to send to you are your kids!

rogue evolent said...

I won't argue with Warren, he's probably known you longer, seen more of your automata collection, AND IS BIGGER THAN ME... but,
I claims "dibbs" on being your second biggest fan!
Uber-cool Mike.

rogue evolent said...

I've tired to PM (to your e-mail address; the one I've got) you but everything bounces back. Is your e-mail broken?
p.s. Sorry to use this comment section to ask. Please delete this comment upon reading

jriggity said...


I love it!


Mike Adair said...

Thanks a bunch, guys, I really appreciate it! Wish I could make a bunch of these!

Merry Christmas also to you Jonathan!

Hey, R/E - I think my email is working now - sorry about that. It's hard to know when they aren't coming through.

And a Merry Christmas to you too J!

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to make this out of card and make the plans available